Emerging talent in Wrocław

2018-04-26 15:48:35

Wrocław show was a real musical extravaganza. 12 artists took the stage at the A2 Concert Centre in Wrocław. 10 bands fought for a coveted spot on one of the stages of Pol'and'Rock Festival, while 2 guest star performances served to prove that dreams can come true: both Chorzy and Nocny Kochanek competed for a spot on the festival line-up - and won! Jurors agreed that they were impressed by the bands aspiring to play at the festival and their live shows have a great potential. 

Three bands were invited to continue their adventure in the Emerging Bands competition and to play one more gig at the final concert in Warsaw. They are HOPEHORRORSCOPE and DREAM ATLAS. Three bands impressed jurors so much as to be fast-tracked to play at the festival: DREAMHEART, METKAand ST. JAMES HOTEL


Dream Atlas podczas Eliminacji do Pol'and'Rock Festival we Wrocławiu - fot. Grzegorz Adamek



DREAMHEART - Second Stage 



Dreamheart is a pop-rock outfit based in Rzeszów. The band has been formed in 2014 by a group of four friends who all shared the same passion for music. They are inspired by the likes of One Directions, 5 Seconds of Summers, Paramore, All time low, Green Day, and Blink-182. The band has played extensively and they have released their debut album 'Paper Hearts'. 

Line-up of the band: Kamil Rejman, Eryk Szczepaniec, Jakub Trałka, Mateusz Jastrzębski 


METKA - Second Stage


MetKa was formed in Warsaw in 2011 and 2012. The band is known for their simple, upbeat rhythms inspired by ska music combined with brash punk chords and heavy rock riffs. Their lyrics take on our reality with irony and humour. The band excels at playing live shows, which are always full of energy. Thye showcased their talent at Woodstock Festival Poland in 2013 and 2014 as well as Woodstock Ukraine in 2013. 

They have released one studio album and 2 EPs.

Line-up of the band: Kowal(guitar, vocal), Majkel (guitar), Prezes (bass), Padre (drums), Arek (trumpet), Marek (sax). 





This alternative band was established in Silesia (southern Poland) in 2009. The band aims to break with conventions and create original, innovative music. Their live shows and albums transport the listeners into the world of possibilities, innovative sounds, and interesting music experiments. Their debut album was released in 2011 and second release followed in 2018. The band has taken the stages both at intimate club shows and some of the biggest festivals in Poland - OFF Festival and Rawa Blues. 

Line-up of the band: 

Tomasz Pełczyński (guitar and vocals), Michał Markowicz (bass) and Marek Wilczyński (drums).


Zespół Metka podczas wrocławskich Eliminacji do Pol'and'Rock Festival - fot. Fominik Malik

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