Dubioza Kolektiv and Gooral at Woodstock Festival Poland

2018-04-09 12:42:02


Dubioza Kolektiv /Bosnia and Herzegovina/



Founded in 2003,  Dubioza Kolektiv  needed one year to release their first album. Created with the help of the legendary reggae singer Benjamin Zaphanajah and the members of Fun-Da-mental, that CD foreshadowed a new quality on the music market. The following albums only consolidated the position of the Bosnian band. When Dubioza released their sixth CD in 2011, the Balkans and much of Europe already treated them a cult band. Now it’s about time Poland got to know this musical phenomenon too. Their music is an extraordinary fusion of genres, including reggae, ska, funk and punk, spiced up with dubstep interludes and a modern electronic background. Their energetic concerts are hard to forget; brilliant rhymes, charismatic vocalists and the crazy show all make it hard to look away from the stage.


The band was selected to play at Woodstock Festival Poland from the CEETEP pool. Supported by the EU, the CEETEP program aims at promoting talents from Eastern and Central Europe (  Sadly, musicians from this part of our continent are often only popular in their native countries, although their music is world-class.







Gooral is a producer, a sound-generator and a forerunner of blending electro-house, dubstep and dnb with the tradition of the Polish Gorals. The artist’s music is greatly influenced by the his hometown Bielsko-Biała. Surrounded by mountains, this city is seen by some as a gateway to the mountains, and by others as a gateway to hubbub. Gooral’s connection with the city is stronger, however he did spend half of his life in the mountains, teaching people how to ski.


In the second half of the 90, Gooral fell in love with technical and electronic music. His band Psio Crew, started with Maciek Szymonowicz, played hundreds of concerts and released the album called “Szumi Jawor Soundsystem”. In 2008, Gooral left Psio Crew to walk his own musical path… This how the Gooral project was born. Apart from Mateusz Górny, there are three other permanent members of the Gooral live team: Tomasz Jabko Łapką (violin), Stanisław Karpiel-Bułecka (vocal) and Michał Kopa Kopaniszyn (visual arts). This mixture, connecting various cultures and places, turned out to be quite explosive, as can be seen at various concerts, both small ones like the one in Gostynin and huge ones like Sziget. The artists proudly announce that their first “solo” album, called “Ethno Electro”, will be released by SP Records in mid-April.


Gooral was selected from the pool of 780 bands who had sent their records to Fabryka Zespołów. The band skipped the preliminaries and was instantly qualified to play at the Main Stage! You could see their fantastic performance at the 20thGrand Finale concert in Warsaw. Gooral has also been entered into the CEETEP pool by Heineken Open’er festival.






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