Dorota Wellman, Chris Niedenthal, Artur Barciś – heroes of the day

2018-08-03 12:03:20

Three guests. So many emotions! You surprised them – that's for sure! We saw emotional tears! Things that happen in the Big AFA Tent are truly magical! It's this kind of magic that can be seen only during Pol'and'Rock!

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Dorota Wellman, Chris Niedenthal, Artur Barciś were today's guests at The Academy of the Finest of Arts. It's really difficult to describe what happenned there today, we're speechless!

Really captivating, charismatic characters, full of energy. Even though they live totally different lives, they also have a lot in common – love for Poland, seeing the reality with all of its problems, but they also appreciate real beauty. They experienced martial law. And one more – all three of them love Pol'and'Rock Festival's audience.

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Dorota Wellman – real authority for most of Polish women. Her strength, confidence, self-esteem are contagious. She doesn't hide it that she's fighting. Fighting for whom? For the weaker ones; those that nobody else stands up for; those, whose voice is being silenced.


"Each person is worth the same, regardless of with whom he/she sleeps with."
"Women are important and no group of old coots should decide about it."

fot. Ola Drutkowska

Is Dorota Wellman going to become a poitician?

"I used to think about politics... I care about my Village next to Warsaw, I want things to be good there... I monitor MPs, they hate me. For example, I go to the Office. If there's no politician present, I report it. We need to have this kind of social control over politicians... verify them, ask questions, put them against the wall. (...) About the politics - I had such an idea, but to have a party you need to have some tools, this is a very difficult task. And I don't want to identify myself with any of the existing parties."

fot. Basia Lutzner


We love her also for her perspective and sense of humor.
"I walk fast, speak loud, do this funny kind of walk.. well, that's my nature."


Her duet with Marcin Prokop is sometimes called "Baguette with Donut", sometimes "One, Zero", or even "10+"


Does she care about what others think of her?
"If they write that I'm a fat pig and gammon, I don't give a shit."


fot. Basia Lutzner


It basically became a tradition now that most of the meetings end with kind of message. No wonder – we all gathered here care about the better tomorrow, Poland that is tolerant, full of love, friendship and help for each other.

"I hope we have a society that will not let anyone silence it.
I will stand up to make sure nobody takes our freedom. Nothing good will come out of our silence, sitting next to Vistula river with a beer."

fot. Ola Drutkowska

Chris Niedenthal, our second guest, was not born in Poland, but chose it to live in.
"I like Polish youth. England looked different. As for me, the whole Poland was beautiful. Well, sometimes maybe the architecture was poor."


fot. Ola drutkowska

He's an author of amazing reportage photographs, role model and inspiration for many beginner photographers. Why does he do it?
"I love photography. It's a truly beautiful profession. (...) I used to make blaqck and white photographs. Then I started making them in color, I rarely do black and white photographs now."

Most of us can remember the photo "Time of the Apocalypse" - the biggest symbol of martial law in Poland. What are his memories about that time?
"We were all scared. (...) Lech Wałęsa was a revolutionist."

fot. Basia Lutzner

Even though the world of photography changes constantly, our guest still feels confident in it. Who is he today?
"Regardless of the fact that everyone is making pictures with their phones, it doesn't mean they are photographers."

At the end, he said that one needs to take matters into his/her hands. Everything depends on youth, youth we need to motivate somehow. There was a group photo as well. But this time it was Chris who took it!


fot. Basia Lutzner


Our last guest for the day was Artur Barciś - TV and theatre actor. It's truly remarkable how much enthusiasm one person can maintain.


fot. Lucyna Bojarska

How to stay positive?

"I'm not confident enough to give such advice. I'm not Leszek Kołakowski... Too stupid for that... But let me say this, believe, really believe, that people have good intentions. If everybody acted they way you do here, Poland would be the most beautiful country in the world."


fot. Lucyna Lewandowska


It's his debut at Pol'and'Rock Festival. How does it feel like?

"I feel amazing! Everybody is smiling here. (...) On the way here I got stuck in a traffic jam. Nobody was angry about it. My wife got out from the car to stretch her legs... Three people offered to give her a ride as she was walking. I feel safe, I feel fabulous... thanks to you! I was exploring the area yesterday. Nobody would bother me, there's this kind of contagious kindness around... it's like it's not appropriate to be unkind. Poland could be like that as well! People smiling, being kind to each other, not being suspicious... We could have that."


fot. Lucyna Lewandowska

Our guest couldn't hide his emotions when, while talking about his theatre and TV roles, people gave him huge applause. He mentioned turning 62 in ten days - instantly the audience started to sing him "Happy Birthday". We saw some tears.


fot. Lucyna Lewandowska

This meeting has ended with a message too.
"If I could ask you for one thing. Don't be indifferent - go and vote, don't say you don't care. The kind of country we'll have depends on you.


fot. Lucyna Lewandowska

Thank you for this day. It was full of amazing moments. Now we know much more about our guests. Dorota Wellman had flown on almost all kinds of planes, apart from F16. Chris Niedenthal doesn't mind if his photographs are being used in mems. Artur Barciś would never want to act in a play as a superhero. If he had to, he would prefer it to be a 'casual hero'. The kind all of us can become.


fot. Basia Lutzner


See you tomorrow! Remember - if you have any questions to our guests you can ask them online. All of our meetings are also translated into Polish Sign Language (PJM).


fot. Ola Drutkowska



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