Daria Zawiałow at Second Stage

2019-04-02 13:55:49


Daria and the vibe of the Second Stage of the festival, which seems to be suited for more intimate, smaller shows, are made for each other. The up-and-coming singer-songwriter writes her own music so that her music is extremely personal and filled with raw creativity and emotion. Daria Zawiałow has proven herself to be a powerful performer and a new force in the Polish independent music scene, bringing sensitivity, talent, and innovative approach to creating music. 



Her debut album, titled "A Kysz", was released in 2017 and it has turned golden only a year after release. Singles and videos promoting this album became instant hits amassing hundreds of thousands of views online. Daria Zawiałow became a staple on Polish festival scene, and her first tour was sold out in a matter of hours. 

In 2018 the vocalist grabbed two most important statuettes in Polish recording business - Fryderyk Awards in two categories: for the best debut album and for the best alternative music release. 


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