Crossfaith at Pol'and'Rock Festival

2019-05-07 12:25:33


Crossfaith's powerful fusion of extreme metal and dark aggressive brand of electronic music results in a radical, crushing sound, which seamlessly breaches the gap between genres. It's an equal part of raw power and true metal reminiscent of  Slipknot, wild rave energy of early the Prodigy, and massive electro beats of Skrillex remixes - all served in an intense package with arresting dystopian visuals and stunning technical and vocal prowess. Crossfaith proves that machine-made music can be successfully combined with heavy metal elements such as thundering guitars, powerful drumlines, violent vocal and growls. This combination is eclectic and electrifying. Crossfaith's strength lies in their live shows, where the audience is drawn into an energetic and stunning performance. There is no surprise that they are huge in Japan and are taking the world by storm. 

“We like to play a bit of everything,” lead singer Kenta Koie tells TW. “Fundamentally we’re an electric metal band with heavy guitar riffs and powerful drumming, but you’ll also hear reggae, rap, hip hop and much more. Since starting out in 2006 we’ve been determined to do things our own way, and our fans appreciate that.”


Crossfaith. fot. materiały prasowe zespołu


Established in 2006, when bassist Hiroki "Hiro" Ikegawa and drummer Tatsuya Amano joined singer Kento "Ken" Koie, guitarist Kazuki Takemura and keyboardist Terufumi „Teru” Tamano, who played in a nu-metal cover band, Crossfaith released their debut album, The Artificial Theory for the Dramatic Beauty in 2009. A year before the band has already begun making an impact with their EP titled  Blueprint of Reconstruction. While working on their unique sound and developing their creative vision, the band began a relentless touring schedule. They played shows alongside industry greats such as Hatebreed, the Used, and Machine Head. In 2012 they bagged a first tour of the UK as supporting act for Of Mice and Men. The band has also performed as a part of The Warped Tour in the US and UK.

The band came up with a new dystopian aesthetic and vision, streamlining their sound and working towards a more sleek, electronica-inspired music. The musicians created a signature style - a radical mixture of metal, metalcore, hip-hop, and hardcore. The band's two most recent releases - 2015's Xeno and 2018's Ex-Machina are both conceptual albums, presenting the band's growing obsession with dystopian future, where intelligent machines pose a threat to humans. Both albums feature cameos by leading vocalists, such as Caleb Shomo of Beartooth, Rou Reynolds of Enter Shikari, Benji Webber of Skindred, which proves Crossfaith's position in the industry. Their albums and live shows garner huge attention from the critics: prestigious Kerrang! magazine awarded their EP New Age Warriors with 6 out of 5 stars, while Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards judges nominated Crossfaith in the best new band category. 


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