What to take to the festival?

2018-07-04 10:40:57

Packing can be a daunting task, especially when you are planning to camp out for a fun-filled weekend. When deciding what to pack for the festival, you should make sure to plan for different weather conditions and consider the fact that you will be camping outdoors for a couple of days. Think carefully about what you are planning to take with you, but don't overpack. Double-check the weather, but don't rely on weather forecast entirely, because it can turn quite quickly. Plan ahead, and remember to take all necessary camping equipment, non-perishable food, medicine, and cosmetic products with you. As important as what you take to the festival is what you leave behind - we do not allow festival-goers to bring dangerous objects, glass containers, flammable materials and pieces of furniture to the festival grounds. 




Packing list


This year we are putting special emphasis on the environmental matters and we want to seriously cut the amount of waste the festival-goers leave in Kostrzyn nad Odrą this summer. Therefore, we ask you to bring bin liners and keep your campsite tidy and bring your rubbish to designated recycling points, located across the festival grounds. We also ask you not to bring any furniture to the festival, as removing it from the grounds puts on additional costs on to the festival budget. 



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