Bugusław Wołoszański and general Różański to speak at AFA

2018-07-13 12:10:25

Bogusław Wołoszański is the voice of Polish history in the XXth century. The broadcaster has made his name writing and presenting shows about Polish history, specializing in the military history of the II World War. Wołoszański is a writer and producer. Rights to his books and TV shows have been translated into different languages. Wołoszański is an internationally acclaimed specialist on XX century history, keen on presenting it in an interesting way. he has been awarded numerous state awards, including Order of Polonia Restituta. 



General Mirosław Różański is a decorated professional soldier and a former General Commander of the Polish Armed Forces. Różański was promoted to the Brig. Gen. rank by President Aleksander Kwaśniewski in August 2005. The “second” star was received by the General from President Lech Kaczynski, in August 2009. Following the decision made by the President of Poland on 9th June 2015, he was appointed to take the position of the General Commander of the Armed Forces. On 1st August 2015, he received a rank of Lt. Gen.

General Różański has received some of the most important distinctions in Polish and international military service: Commander's Cross of Polonia Restituta, Military Cross of Merit (with swords), Order of Merit of the Republic of Poland, Medal of Merit for National Defence, Medal for the Armed Forces in the Service of the Fatherland, Star of Iraq. 


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