Blues Pills to play Second Stage

2018-02-26 16:19:44

Very few modern bands are lucky enough to have such a unique, individual and inimitable style as well as blessed with such an incredible voice at the forefront, so it’s very rare that a group representing traditional blues-rock can come along with all these characteristics and whip up such excitement in 2016.


Blues Pills contain all these elements to create extraordinary music that sounds original and new but respects those long-held rules of blues and rock and roll tradition. Although, it’s the individual characteristics of the band that makes this music electrifying; the steady bass of Zack Anderson, thumping rhythm of André Kvarnström, technical and yet improvisational guitar of Dorian Sorriaux and the sensational soaring vocals of frontwoman Elin Larsson that set this band apart.


The psychedelic sounds of the band may hail back to the prosperity of the 1960’s and 1970’s and it’s true their distinctive sound may include a few ingredients of the past; a pinch of late 60’s Americana, a sprinkling of blues, a heavy serving of rock ‘n’ roll, a big squeeze of soul but it’s all shaken up into a brand-new cocktail of sound, and served into this heavenly new blend we call Blues Pills.

That’s why it seems to be a sign of destiny that the stars aligned for this exceptional group to be born in 2011, only one year later the striking, soulful and organic sound of the first single 'Black Smoke' was fascinating countless listeners - followed up by the EP »Bliss«. When in 2014 the self-titled album was released, the whole genre was turned upside down and Blues Pills were charting across Europe and continually selling out larger venues. Their second album, "Lady In Gold" represents the band in their top music and lyrical form. 

 “Lady Gold” is a character symbolizing death”, explains singer Elin Larsson of the intriguing album title. “We wanted to get away from the typical stereotype of the Grim Reaper.”

The mystical and dark references of the album title are echoed throughout a lot of the album - there’s the ode to the female “Keeper Of The Soul” on spiritual sounding title track 'Lady In Gold' and talks of failed salvation from a deceitful messiah in the soul anthem 'Little Boy Preacher'. There are emotive blues ballads in 'I’ve Felt A Change' and 'Burned Out' and empowering post-heartbreak tales in 'Won’t Go Back' and 'Rejection'.

Similarly to the self-titled debut »Lady In Gold« was produced in Sweden by producer Don Alsterberg and they’ve captured on this album everything that’s made them one of the most talked about rock bands of the past few years. 

The musicians have been touring Europe extensively, and their electrifying Paris performance has been released as a concert DVD in 2017. The same year saw Blues Bells nominated for the prestigious Metal Hammer award in the "best album" category for their sophomore album.  




André Kvarnström | drums

Elin Larsson | vocals

Dorian Sorriaux | guitars

Zack Anderson | bass


Blues Pills


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