Big Cyc at Pol'and'Rock Festival

2018-04-09 15:02:33

Big Cyc (cyc stands for ‘tit’ in Polish) is legendary Polish punk-rock formation, strongly influenced by ska and reggae music. The band has enjoyed a close relationship with the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation. Big Cyc has played at Woodstock Festival Poland and performed at the concerts which take place on the day of the Grand Finale public charitable collection.

The rebellious collective has been formed in 1988 in Łódź university by a group of creative university students (Jacek Jędrzejak, Robert Rajewski, Jarosław Lis, and Roman Lechowicz). Their music remained fresh, energetic, and full of humour. From the very beginning, their lyrics were satirical, funny, and often very controversial. The band members contested stiff societal rules and poked fun at the political and social situation in Poland. The band’s concerts are always a spectacle and members of Big Cyc never forgot their stand-up comedy roots.

The Most Beautiful Festival in the World hosted the band’s 25th-anniversary gig. This year the band will be celebrating their 30th anniversary with a very special show at the Second Stage of Pol’and’Rock Festival. The artists promise surprise guest performances and exciting renditions new and old hits. Their show is definitely something to look forward too!


Big Cyc

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