Anja Rubik at AFA

2018-07-03 10:29:05

Anja Rubik is a Polish-born supermodel. Anja's career has spanned almost 2 decades, making her one of the most successful models of the 21st century. Rubik walked for the likes of Chloe, Gucci, Valentino, Chanel, and YSL. She became one of Karl Lagerfeld's muses and has helped Anthony Vaccarello to settle as new creative head at Yves Sait Laurent. Rubik is a fashion icon - an inspiration for new projects, and a talented designer herself, known for her effortless and casual sense of style. The model has also ventured into the TV and consulting industry. Rubik is an editor and publisher os a Magazine 25, where she aims to support and promote inspiring artists and photographers from all over the world. As a committed art lover, Rubik is a curator of Art and Fashion Forum. This open platform aims to educate and inspire. 

Anja Rubik is involved in different social and ecological initiatives. She is a spokesperson for Parley non-profit, on whose behalf she advocates for the preservation of nature and oceans. Anja Rubik launched a social awareness campaign #sexedpl. The campaign aims to fill the void after sexual education has been removed from school curriculum in Poland. In an effort to advocate for safe sex, consent, and open discussion about sexual orientation, Anja Rubik approached famous Poles and influential public figures to film short videos where they talk about sex. Videos became viral and encouraged a more open approach to sex education in the country. 


Anja Rubik is a dedicated spokesperson for important topics, breaching boundaries between fashion, art, and social activism. She will appear as one of the panellists at the Academy of the Finest of Arts to talk about her #sexedpl awareness campaign. 



Vogue Paris included Anja Rubik on its prestigious list of Top 30 models of last decade. Seh has graced countless covers of the magazine and appeared in hundreds of fashion editorials and campaigns. The model is recognized as a style icon and fashion muse all over the world. 

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