3… 2… 1… GO! 24th Pol’and’Rock Festival now launched

2018-08-03 09:58:48

Smiles all around. Feeling music all the way in your bones. “Free hugs” signs. Tent villages. Bungee jumps. Mud baths. Cold showers. Welcome to Pol’and’Rock. Welcome home.

The official kickoff of the 24th Pol'and'Rock Festival. fot. Anna Migda



Formerly known as Woodstock Festival Poland, this huge summer music fest run by the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity is now an intrinsic part of the Polish summer—and is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, open-air festivals in Europe. 

The Foundation’s main focus is supporting Polish medical care. And it does its job brilliantly—its annual winter fundraiser has been bringing in record sums year after year for the past quarter of a century. All money collected goes straight into medical equipment and life- and health-saving programs the Foundation runs and the whole effort relies on the thousands of volunteers that support the organization of this wintertime Finale each year.

Pol’and’Rock is the biggest, most sincere “thank you” the Foundation could give to all those volunteers—and to all other supporters of the GOCC. 

The Festival has been a beloved part of the Polish summer for years. Photo credit: Stanisław Wadas



“This home is for everyone, don’t let anyone feel less than welcome! Our doors are open to everyone!” Jurek Owsiak, the promoter of the Festival and the head of the GOCC Foundation, said in his kick-off message. “You are our strength, you built this Festival. Give us your positive energy and we will do all in our power to be the roof over your heads that saves you from harm.”

This incredibly caring message can be heard through any part of the acres upon acres of festival goers’ campsites is enough to understand how true this motto is here in Kostrzyn.

“It’s inappropriate to be anything less than kind,” said Polish actor Artur Barciś. And he was totally right—lots of love, peace, and good vibes for everyone!

Let’s once again make this Festival the highest point of all of our summers.


Jurek Owsiak on the Pol'and'Rock main stage. Photo credit: Stanisław Wadas



You all care so deeply. You’re not here just for the concerts, you all feel responsible for what goes on here. 

For the 24th time, we can’t help but get emotional, especially as we all sing the opening anthem of the Festival, “Glory, Glory Hallelujah” together from the main stage. 

Thank you for making this Festival such a wonderful, caring, loving, happy part of Poland. Thank you for being with us. 

Welcome home.

The sun sets over the Pol'and'Rock ferris wheel. Photo credit: Lucyna Lewandowska







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