24th Pol'and'Rock: The Festival of Dreams Coming True

2018-08-05 12:24:18

This Festival might be over, but we keep on going! Each and every one of you are taking a part of the Great Orchestra home with you,” Jurek Owsiak yelled from the stage as Piotr Bukartyk’s workshop participants sang the traditional Pol’and’Rock closing anthem, “W stylu chmur”.

Jurek Owsiak closing the Most Beautiful Festival in the World from the Main Stage. Photo credit: Grzegorz Adamek



Love each other! And love those who are different, who don’t understand, who disagree. Don’t let negativity set in! Your positive energy is contagious. 

Tend to the friendships you have built and strengthened here. Forgive. Overcome evil with your radiant smiles. And when it all seems hopeless, when you don’t know, what to do next, do what you do best—do good!

Pol'and'Rockers of all ages loved the bubble-blowers. Photo credit: Anna Migda



We have gotten a lot of thank-yous from all of you over the past few days. For the music, for the weather, for the feeling of safety in a crowd of hundreds of thousands. 

But it is you who deserve the true gratitude. Thank you for another incredible lesson of tolerance, love, acceptance, and respect. For all the endorphins. For this new wealth of experiences we will be able to bring back with us into our own realities.

You stepped up to the plate. YOU are the organizers of this Festival, all 365 days of the year. You are our source of strength, our inspiration, our next goal, the rock, upon which we build this Festival. You are the definition of dreams coming true. Thank you for letting us reach for the stars!

Festivalgoers enjoying the outdoor showers. Photo credit: Anna Migda



Get home safely. Tell your friends about Kostrzyn, about Pol’and’Rock, about the joy, the excitement, the fun, the raw emotion. Do not forget about us and about what we built here together.

Promise us that you will come back. That you will help us change the world for the better. That you will continue to let us help you grow and that you will continue to help us.

Have a safe trip home! Photo credit: Bartek Muracki



We see the the big hugs you exchange with friends, old and new, a good few seconds longer than if they were a simple “see you tomorrow”. We see the final group photos you’re getting with the main stage. We see the tears in your eyes. 

Remember: it’s not really the end. Pol’and’Rock will keep on playing next year, and the year after that, and the year after that. And you are all invited.

You’re family now.

The sun sets over the Pol'and'Rock ferris wheel. Photo credit: Agnieszka Janowska






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