NGOs | Workshops at the AFA

Much more than just music


Pol’and’Rock Festival is much more than a music festival. The promoters of the event aim to use the festival as a platform to raise awareness of important social and political issues, hosting nearly 70 NGOs and charities (such as Greenpeace, Amnesty International, Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps National Agency, Commissioner for Human Rights Office, and many more). Organizations, given an opportunity to showcase their activities and promote their causes, welcome all festival-goers at various workshops, debates, and simulations. All the events are held in the Academy of the Finest of Arts Workshops zone. 


The AFA is also a wonderful dialogue and discussion centre, where such significant subjects as, for instance, the judicial system in Poland or environmental rights are raised. The AFA Tent is what makes Pol'and'Rock Festival a mammoth platform to promote ideals of peace, equality, brotherhood, and kindness. It is also about building a united, aware and educated community. We are positive that you will easily find some inspiration for your next passion, discover new talents or simply enjoy some stirring debates! 


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