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The Academy of the Finest of Arts (AFA) is a place of learning, cultural exchanges, and meetings with esteemed public figures such as bestselling authors, social activists, religious leaders, politicians and scientists. It is also a place where different non-governmental organisations can showcase their work and tell the festival audience about their mission and the causes they undertake. Festivalgoers can explore vibrant stalls, discover new initiatives and learn new skills - from flower-crown-making masterclasses and yoga sessions to hacking and welding workshops. It truly is a place to be! 


The patron of the Academy of Finest of Arts at the 28th Pol'and'Rock Festival is mBank. The AFA meetings are hosted by the journalists.

Academy of the Finest of Arts
Meetings with influential figures

The AFA Tent/Stage hosts meetings with influential, famous, and respected public figures. The audience gets to take part in frank and open conversations with bestselling authors, religious leaders, social activists, politicians, scientists, and journalists. The members of the audience can learn more about their work, their life, and their views. What is more, everyone is welcome to ask their questions. The meetings are inspiring opportunities for a glance inside the world of famous and respected people. 



Bit AFA Tent. Photo Basia Lutzner

Workshops and Activities

Learning new skills at the festival? Why not? With hundreds of different NGOs, associations and organizations showcasing their activities at the AFA Tent/Stage, many of them hold different workshops, debates, and presentations. You can take part in yoga classes and dancing lessons, learn how to make dream catchers or flower crowns, discover new hacking skills or explore the world of meditation. There are activities for everyone: from the sign language interpretation to the explanation of the Polish judicial system in action. 


Flowe crown workshops. Photo Damian Jędrzejewski

NGOs and Charities


The Academy of the Finest of Arts at Pol'and'Rock Festival annually hosts dozens of NGOs and charities from around the planet, all working to change the world for the better. The AFA offers them the space and an opportunity to present their activities and initiatives to the crowds of festivalgoers. Our guests, from international powerhouses such as Greenpeace or Amnesty International, which deal with global issues, to local organisations and other social initiatives, are eager to share their message and introduce the public to their work. Festivalgoers can discover different activities or causes and choose an organisation to support or volunteer at! 


Polish Humanitarian Action. Photo Martyna Lodczyk

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