2023-08-07 01:00:00
The 29th Pol’and’Rock Festival has come to an end!
Thank you so very much for joining us, for creating this beautiful community and unforgettable atmosphere.
2023-08-05 11:29:58
We handed over medical and training equipment to the police at a press conference!
Equipment worth more than 20 thousand zlotys will be used by officers of the medical team of the Police Crime Prevention Unit in Szczecin. It will allow them to carry out first aid tmore efficiently and effectively at the scene of an incident.
2023-08-04 21:56:43
Festival shopping madness: discover our Shopping Centre!
The available supply at our Shopping Centre is very varied this year. You will find there not only numerous stores from various industries, but also an information desk where Peace Patrol volunteers will answer all your questions. There is also a small pharmacy, where you will find the most necessary items. The range of booths and products is really wide. And you can read about all of them on our website and in the app.
2023-08-04 18:37:04
Rocking Families: how to enjoy the Festival together with your children
More and more of you are deciding to take your children to The Most Beautiful Festival in the World! Family adventures at the 29th Pol'and'Rock Festival are about enjoying unique experiences together and creating unforgettable memories. However, taking care of the safety and comfort of the youngest participants is most important. That's why we have some key tips to help you make this event special for the whole family!
2023-08-04 11:48:12
Crowds of Festival-goers visit NGO Zone
For years, the Pol'and'Rock Festival has been co-created by institutions and non-governmental organisations operating in various fields. This year, you will have a chance to meet as many as 86 different organisations on the festival field! You can visit their stands, talk to their representatives and... take part in various activities they have prepared for you!
2023-08-03 23:23:27
Musical menu at the 29th Pol'and'Rock Festival!
The 29th Pol'and'Rock Festival will traditionally begin with the whistle of Roman Polanski. As every year, the last stationmaster of Żary will lead us into the musical experiences of the next edition of The Most Beautiful Festival in the World.
2023-08-03 16:22:12
Including everyone: action for accessibility at Pol'and'Rock Festival
At The Most Beautiful Festival in the World, we care about the comfort of our participants – we are creating an event that is accessible to all. Check out the facilities we have prepared!
2023-08-02 17:36:15
Not only concerts, what you should try at the 29th Pol'and'Rock Festival
The most beautiful Festival in the World is about to start! However, Pol'and'Rock Festival is not only concerts – we have prepared for you a list of the most interesting activities and events worth taking part in while you are with us!
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