2018-08-05 05:29:36
24th Pol'and'Rock: The Festival of Dreams Coming True
24TH POL’AND’ROCK FESTIVAL—The Festival might be over, but we keep on playing! Each and every one of you are taking a part of the Great Orchestra home with you.
2018-08-05 04:30:00
Main Stage Concerts at the 24th Pol'and'Rock Festival
24TH POL'AND'ROCK FESTIVAL - Thursday's artists have set the bar incredibly high, but those energy levels stayed with us through Friday with a fantastic mix of genres and styles.
2018-08-05 03:21:39
In Flames: A Jesterhead Firestorm!
24TH POL'AND'ROCK FESTIVAL—The forefathers of Melodic Death Metal took over the Main Stage and created metal magic!
2018-08-05 03:18:35
Frank Carter: A Whirlwind of Emotion
24TH POL’AND’ROCK FESTIVAL—Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes didn’t just play a concert for us. They created a show of music, lights and emotions like we have never seen before.
2018-08-05 02:00:00
Second Stage Concerts at the 24th Pol'and'Rock Festival
24TH POL'AND'ROCK FESTIVAL - Pol’and’Rock is not just the Main Stage. The second stage, just beyond the festival ferris wheel and Leszek’s Festival Town, has just as much to offer! Let’s take a look at what went on during the Festival’s opening day.
2018-08-04 23:12:39
The Morning After: All You Need to Know
24. POL'AND'ROCK—The Most Beautiful Festival in the World is slowly coming to a close. Sunday morning is only a few hours away. What will the Festival Field look like tomorrow?
2018-08-04 19:44:16
Night AFA Stage
What is the best time for listening to the jazz music? It could be any time, but at night it gains a magical power. For this reason, our Night AFA Stage was reserved for this kind of music.
2018-08-04 18:32:06
Himalayan mountaineers, Andrzej Górski and Anja Rubik - last AFA guests
So this is it - we've finished our last day at the Academy of the Finest of Arts. Thank you for amazing meetings full of emotions. There were both tears and smiles, plenty of questions as well as unexpected answers.
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